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Principal Scott Genzmer
120 S Emerald Avenue
Modesto, CA 95351
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Franklin Student and Parent Support

Nathalie Plata

Nathalie Plata

Hello Franklin Parents, My name is Nathalie Plata, I am the Student Support Specialist at Franklin Elementary. These services are free to parents and are about 6‐8 weeks long. I get to meet once a week either in person or virtually with the student in a group or individual setting. This support is to help students learn coping skills for: anxiety, anger management, grief, academic issues, etc. Referrals are done by a parent calling the school for student support or by a teacher sending a referral if they notice the student is struggling.

Joel Ramirez

Joel Ramriez

Hello Franklin Parents, My name is Joel Ramirez, the Family Support Specialist. I perform individual family assessments to determine obstacles in the family such as social/emotional, parenting, and concrete resources. I also connect families to community resources such as: counseling, food pantries, housing, clothing, and legal assistance to aid in family success. Services are provided in English and Spanish. For any questions or to refer families, feel free to reach out to me.