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Principal Scott Genzmer
120 S. Emerald Avenue
Modesto, CA 95351
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Standards Based Report Cards

Modesto City Schools kindergarten through sixth grade classes will implement common core standards based report cards. These report cards will provide information on student's progress in meeting the state's expectations on specific learning standards. It is our hope that standards-based report cards, together with teacher conferences, will provide more detailed information for you to understand and support your child's learning.

Achievement Levels

4-Student performance exceeds grade level standard.

3-Student performance meets grade level standard.

2-Student performance is progressing toward grade level standard.

1-Student performance is below grade level standard.

Reporting Schedule

Fri. Nov. 1, 2019 – 1st Final Trimester Grades

Fri. Feb. 21, 2020 – 2nd Final Trimester Grades

Fri. May. 29, 2020 – 3rd Final Trimester Grades

Note on Progress Reports

A written progress report shall be sent at or near the mid-point of each marking period to the parents or guardians of pupils in danger of receiving a failing grade at the completion of that marking period.