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Top Four Ways to Stop a Bully

Compiled by Mrs. Sanchez-Perez’s 5th/6th grade class

Students at our school need to know how to deal with bullying. Bullying can lead to problems such as sadness and depression. Some students might not be able to concentrate on their schoolwork, so their grades suffer. In some cases, victims can turn into bullies themselves.

Here are four effective ways to respond to bullies:

  1. Tell an adult. Be sure to give honest details about what is happening. Find an adult you trust, like a yard supervisor, teacher, counselor, or principal and ask for help.
  2. Walk away. Find a friend or friends who you can hang out with. Bullies usually look for kids who are alone. So, find a safe place where you won’t be alone.
  3. Control your emotions. Bullies like to see kids get upset. They want to feel powerful by upsetting their victims. So, stay calm- don’t let them see you cry. 
  4. Help the victims.  If you witness bullying, try to stop it. Be a defender, not a bystander! Let the victim know that they do not deserve to be treated that way.