Franklin Elementary Social Emotional Support Staff

Sometimes we need to talk to someone for help, and we don’t know who to call.  We may have general questions or be experiencing feelings of sadness, stress, anger or anxiety. The following people at Franklin are here when you need them:

What is a Behavioral Consultation Model Consultant?

The Behavioral Health Clinician is part of the Behavioral Consultation Model Program. I am a Master of Social Work Clinical Trainee, providing behavioral and clinical mental health services specific to the needs of the school. Services primarily include student de-escalation and crisis intervention, parent trainings, staff collaboration, teacher consultation, student observations and needs assessments and direct counseling services to students. My primary purpose of the consult position is to assist in providing Tier 2 and 3 level emotional support services to students on campus as a means to reduce disciplinary issues.

How does Behavioral Consultation Model program differ from the Student Assistance Program?

The services provided by the Student Assistant Specialist (SAS) include individual or group support services to students, classroom presentations, and referrals to community resources. The Behavioral Health Consultant can additionally provide clinical level consultation to staff, provide parent training and individual and group mental health services.

Direct services provided by the BCM focus on behavioral or mental health concerns of students whose level of need exceeds short-term services or who may need clinical level interventions. Collaborative efforts with parents and staff are used to reinforce existing supports with focus on prevention of further disciplinary issues or exacerbation of behaviors or symptoms. If you are interested in a consultation regarding a certain student, please let me know.

Referrals for both programs will be screened by site administrators, school counselors, and CHS Quality Assurance team to determine the most appropriate services for the student.