Social Emotional Supports

Social Emotional

Social Emotional Supports

Who can I talk to when I need help?

If you may have general questions or be experiencing feelings of sadness, stress, anger, or anxiety; begin with your teacher, yard duty, paraprofessional, principal, vice-principal, or School Support Manager.

Second Step Program

As parents and caregivers, you are your child’s first and most important teachers, and play a vital role in their social, emotional, and academic development. Your child’s classroom teachers are here to support you in this, and the Second Step family of programs is one of the tools they’re using.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program provides short-term education, prevention, and intervention services to students K-12 to build a life, social and coping skills.

The Student Assistant Specialist (SAS) services are provided on school campuses by means of:

  1. Individual sessions

  2. Group sessions

  3. Classroom presentations

  4. Conflict mediations

  5. Community referrals

Additionally, SAP services should not be considered therapy. If a student needs long-term services, a referral to a therapist or appropriate mental health organization is made either prior to or at the completion of SAP services.

Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez, SAS

Our Franklin Social Emotional Support Staff is here for you!


Mental Health Clinician

The Mental Health Clinician provides clinical-level consultation to staff, parent training, and individual and group mental health services.

The consultation purpose is to assist in providing Tier 2 and 3 level emotional support services to students on campus as a means to reduce disciplinary issues.

Services primarily include student de-escalation and crisis intervention, parent training, staff collaboration, teacher consultation, student observations and needs assessments, and direct counseling services to students.

Vanessa Sandoval

Vanessa Sandoval, MSW


The school psychologist provides psycho-educational diagnostic assessments; supports school personnel in developing behavioral management systems; and participates in Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 meetings.

Kylie Pallios M.S., Ed.S., PPS

Noelle DeMarco, M.A., Ed.S., PPS