School Community

Franklin is a generational school where the veteran faculty are now proudly teaching the children of former Franklin students. Many of the teachers have advanced graduate degrees and certificates (i.e., Masters) and our support staff members are passionate about meeting the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of our students. Additionally, our dedicated Resource Specialists, itinerant professionals (School Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Library Assistant, Mental Health Clinicians, Student Assistant Specialist, Nurse, Computer Literacy, and Music teachers), and site administrators work together with families and the community in a collaborative partnership to build a positive school community and strengthen student achievement.

School Demographics:

Our campus is diverse and comprised of approximately 73% Hispanic or Latino, 6% Asian, 6% White, and 6% African American. 46.2% of our students are second language learners, 7.8% of our students have a diagnosed learning disability, and 98.9% are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Our emphasis on literacy is reinforced by an Instructional Coach who uses the research grounded intervention programs to support struggling readers across all grades.

After School Education and Safety Program

The After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program provides homework support, enrichment opportunities, performing arts, and sports activities for many Franklin students.

Health Start Program

Our Healthy Start Program offers parenting, nutrition, and empowerment classes and connects families to a variety of community services. Our collaborative network of business and community partnerships enables Franklin students to receive mentoring and additional literacy support. Collectively we endeavor to: (1) provide each student with a relevant educational experience that addresses real-world problems; (2) cultivate life-long learners; and (3) develop a respectful and responsible citizenry.